Click click, munch munch

We couldn’t be more excited to be making our flexible office catering solution even more flexible than Jean Claude Van Damme riding a couple of trucks, than by making it available at the click of a mouse (if you have no idea what we’re talking about – check out this ludicrous stunt!).

No more emailing or calling back and forth  to check prices and availability, place bookings, confirm the number of veggies etc etc…..thanks to our brand spanking new online ordering platform, you can now feed your entire office as often as you like by simply ordering online.

Whether it’s a daily breakfast and lunch for the entire office, a weekly team lunch or a monthly team breakfast, our new Catering on Demand service is the simplest way to delight your colleagues with an awesome meal.

Feeding the entire office couldn’t be simpler – just web on, check out our daily changing menus, pick a date, pick a time, pick a menu, tell us how many people you’re feeding and we’ll do the rest.

Out chefs will lovingly prepare your food in our central London kitchens. Our delivery team will carefully weave through the London traffic to bring your ready to serve meal to your offices.  Our front of house team will set it all up and clear it all away.  Which means all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the food and praise for being a complete rock star by arranging such a cracking feast for your colleagues.

And what’s more, we’re offering 20% OFF all orders placed in September if you use the voucher code “lovegrazing”. What better reason could there be to give it a go this month and become your office rock star!?

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