Grazing at Glaziers Hall


More than 80 of the most amazing, fun, and glam people came together this month at what is fast becoming the hottest ticket in the social calendar.

On 6th June we hosted a Summer shindig at Glaziers Hall to show off some of the awesome things our chefs and events teams can create every day.

As part of the event, we had a canapé reception at the stunning looking London Bridge Arches and a bowl food reception which included live music, a Strawberry Fields inspired buffet and a dazzling Rum Bar to get everyone in the mood of summer.

We also had some of the most stunning flowers to match the beautiful people, courtesy of Lavender Green (they provide stunning flowers, not stunning people. Although their people are stunning too. Anyway, you get the gist).



So, if you didn’t know – we don’t just do yummy lunches, we also do fab food/management of events! You’ll never go hungry as we can basically feed you and water you at any point in your day.


If you want to be in on the action next time, drop us a line on and we’ll add you to the exclusive guest list.



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