The office lunch bunch….

Once upon a time there was a very rich man known as the Earl of Sandwich. He was a reckless young Earl, who liked women, fast horses and gambling. One (long) night at the poker table, the Earl was in freefall and losing money. He told his friends that none of them could leave the table – not even to eat – until he’d won back everything he’d lost. He ordered his servants to bring them something they could snack on as they played, so they brought slices of meat between two bits of bread. And lo and behold – the humble sandwich – along with a gastronomic distribution concept – was born.

The End.

Except that was not the end.

250 years on and the food delivery service has evolved beyond recognition (the sandwich – slightly less so).

Whatever you desire for your office lunch, you can get it delivered straight to your desk on the 3rd floor with an app and a tap.

Uber Eats and Deliveroo are on hand to pick up your favourite high street ‘chicken burger with extra avocado, pickle and a side of courgette fries’.

Without you having to move a muscle.

But (and this is the sad part) did you know that the average British worker nowadays takes just 34 minutes for their lunch break?

It’s called a lunch HOUR for a reason people.

Getting a proper lunch break (like moving away from your desk and consuming something nutritious like a vegetable hot pot and a fruit salad) is in everyone’s best interests. A healthy meal sets up your workforce for the day, as well as helping line their stomachs for the after-hours drink-a-thon.

Good food is good for office morale, good for brains and therefore great for business.

And nowadays a varied office lunch is easy to supply (by the aforementioned people on two wheels dressed in lycra) – which is why the 40% of people who say they’re jealous of colleagues who have a more adventurous lunch, just don’t need to be.

But what if you work in an office with more than 3 floors and many more personnel?

Just imagine the fleet of bikes needed to Deliver(oo) the 70 pizzas they’re after.

It would look like something out of the Tour de France at lunch o’clock every day.

And we know that companies sometimes grow up eventually needing ‘traditional’ office caterers, but a full-blown staff canteen (or restaurant as they like to call it) is still a few hundred employees away.

If you’ve got between 50-250 hungry mouths to feed – then it appears you’re stuffed.

Well no…

There is another way to get fresh, nutritious, on-demand food for your office lunch. A kind of happy marriage between canteen and delivery, with a menu to match and a magic ingredient called variety.

Think breakfasts of fruit and yogurt pots or bacon butties and lunch menus of teriyaki salmon, BBQ chicken, Thai beef, gluten free wraps, chicken couscous, pasta salads and mixed food platters.

And everything arrives with a super-healthy-veggie salad (only so you get all the good stuff to feed your brain so you’ll be the brilliant person you said you were in your interview).

Heck, we bet even fusspot Irene from accounts will find something she likes.

So take that Pizza Express!

Sayonara Wagamama!

On your bike Byron Burger!

On site kitchens aren’t needed – neither are Tour de France – scale pedals.

The food is freshly made and delivered directly to the office desk with love and a great big smile (and you can always ask us for a free hug if you’re having a bad day).

We are seeing more companies offering an alternative solution to what has always been the norm. Food can be varied, it doesn’t have to take up too much office space with a mahoosive kitchen, and can give employees the fuel they need to be freakin awesome.

These types of companies would have surely been the Earl of Sandwich’s BFF 250 years ago.




There IS such thing as a free lunch

Ever wondered what makes the world’s most successful companies as awesome as they are?

Free food!

Mind blowingly clever algorithms and beautifully designed products are all very well but none of these would exist without the people behind them. Behind the people behind them, fuelling these great companies and great ideas, is one simple ingredient – free food!

You see, it really is that simple. Snazzy collaboration tools like Whatsapp, Slack, Flock, Workspace and all those cool things are all useful and well worth investing in but there’s nothing brings a company together and get the collaborative juices flowing, quite like a good old chinwag over a delicious breakfast or lunch.

We know of an easy and simple way to make sure teams are healthy and happy: free, nutritious and delicious food.

Boom! Now we’ve got your attention.

We’ve seen some research and we found out that the return on investment can be as much as high as 150%. High fives all round, right?

There’s more…

Tip top talent

Employees spend as much as £2,500 out of their own pocket every year to fill their tums. If you tell them they can save their cash AND you will provide them with a scrumptious meal every day, they’ll be made up.

And they won’t be made up for a few days or a couple of weeks like the mini-boost a pay rise gives, they’ll be made up every single day at work, when they get to tuck into delicious food, courtesy of their awesome company.

Companies that offer free food and office catering will definitely stand a better chance of attracting (and keeping) the best people for their jobs.

You CAN get satisfaction

Everyone wants to feel loved, right? Well, free food is an easy and pretty low-cost way to make your staff feel like you love them! Here’s another science bit: 30% of people say that free food plays a big part in workplace happiness.

Stop! Collaborate and listen…

Free food will get your staff together for lunch and reduce the amount of al desko munching. And when your peeps break bread together, their chitter chatter is bound to turn to work and that should lead to better working relationships and possibly even friendships. Aw, you guys!

Healthy body…

We all know what can happen when you don’t have time for lunch. The turbo-powered java juice gets chugged down with a family pack of Jaffa Cakes to fuel the hunger!

Aside from the inevitable afternoon crash, this bad habit will make staff more likely to get ill and nobody wants that. But ready up some tasty and good-for-you grub as part of the office catering mix and there’s a much better chance they’ll eat well.

…healthy mind

Brains work better when bodies are fed a wholesome lunch. This fact has been proven. Repeatedly. But if that’s not enough, consider this…

Last year, 12.5 million working days were lost in the last year due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety. Giving staff a free lunch encourages them to stop and unwind. They can eat good food, chill out and socialise with their work pals. Good for them, good for everyone!

Feeding awesome businesses

Here at Grazing, we love food. We don’t just like it a little bit, we freaking love it and the event better is that the one thing we love more than food itself is sharing it with others.

A quick search with the help of Uncle Google reveals a mountain of articles, blogs and posts on all of the science behind why and how food makes people happy – something to do with some chemicals in the brain apparently, but that’s not the important thing here.  Science aside, there’s a load of different reasons why food can make us happy…..we usually share it with people we like, we often have it as part of a celebration AND it tastes good (NOTE – if it doesn’t…we strongly suggest you stop eating it and go find some that does!). Just as important, of course, it also gives us energy and with energy, anything’s possible.

So if we’re happy, satiated and full of enough energy to do anything, there’s a very good chance we’re going to be at the top of our game at work.  Which is why the most awesome businesses in the world are those that make sure their teams are always well fed.

Here at Grazing global HQ in Bermondsey, we’re not only passionate about great food, we’re also passionate about finding ways for great teams to share great food at work.  We truly believe that sharing a great meal at work makes for awesomely productive, collaborative and creative teams and companies.

Most of us have likely had a job or two where we didn’t feel valued, didn’t get to know or really gel with our colleagues and, frankly, didn’t really enjoy ourselves.

Some of us, however, are lucky enough to work for great companies, who show how much they value us by providing an office environment that’s a pleasure to come into every day, where they’ve thought about the things that really matter, like lockers and changing rooms so we can cycle to work, and delicious lunches so we can enjoy a great meal and relax with our colleagues for a while.  And with those bods in white coats having proven that the food makes us happy, it seems a bit of a no brainer as to why great companies provide great food.

So next time you’re changing jobs, or trying to attract talent to join your company, don’t underestimate the emotive power of great food. Be sure to take a long hard look at the office lunch menu first.